Medical Cannabis in Adult Mental Health Settings: Reconstructing One of the Most Maligned Medications in the United States.

Roberts, J.  Clin Soc Work J., 48, 412–420 (2020).


Although twenty-nine states in the United States of America have legalized medical cannabis, the stigma surrounding cannabis continues and few clinicians have been educated on its use and benefits. Roberts presents the history of therapeutic cannabis use as well as the political perspectives and federal laws leading to ongoing stigmatization of this substance and its users.

This paper:

(1) provides a historical review of cannabis use and policy in the United States and the impact of current US policy on cannabis on clinicians’ access to the latest research findings on medical cannabis and health outcomes,

(2)  provides a brief synopsis of research on the endocannabinoid system

(3) provides information to clinicians who have patients that use medical cannabis as a part of their medical treatment regimen.

A summary of cannabis’ therapeutic properties, and its potential use in the treatment of mental health problems is discussed.


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