Changes in public perceptions and experiences of the Australian health‐care system: A decade of change.

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Reports on a study that sought the views of over one thousand Australians in 2018 on the Australian health system, and  compared them with results from 2008, 2010 and 2012

The survey included questions consistent with previous surveys regarding self‐reported health status, and questions about use, opinions and experiences of the health system. The authors found that ‘Overall, there are predominantly positive views towards the Australian health system and these have improved over the past decade.

Almost half of Australians view their health‐care system positively, and this is a significant improvement from only 30% in 2012. In 2018, public sentiment was significantly more favourable towards public hospitals, GPs, and dental services than previously reported, reflecting improved satisfaction with these services.’

However, it was also noted that ‘Problem areas have been identified across the surveys, including the need for more doctors, nurses and other health workers. Cost barriers have become more of an issue across the decade, particularly barriers to access to care and medicines, along with rising concern over the quality of residential aged care services.’

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Australian bushfires 2019–20: exploring the short-term health impacts.

AIHW Report.

The 2019–20 bushfire season saw unprecedented fires sweep across Australia with a massive impact on many communities, devastating the natural environment and compromising air quality. This report examines a range of health data sources to assess the short-term health impacts of the bushfires, including: emergency department visits, prescription and purchase of asthma medicines, mental health service use and GP visits. Results show clear associations between increased bushfire activity, including poor air quality, and people seeking assistance for their health.

Data in this report concentrate on the period from September 2019 to March 2020. Understanding the more immediate and short-term physical and mental health impacts of bushfires can help to ensure health services are sufficiently equipped to deal with them in any future bushfire event.

The full health and related impacts of the 2019–20 bushfires will not be known for some time; however, psychological health can be affected for many years and, while more research is needed into the effects of long-term exposure to bushfire smoke specifically, long-term exposure to air pollution is potentially related to a small increase in the risk of some chronic diseases (enHealth 2020).

The report includes interactive graphs and maps of health related data by region.





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Lloyd I. Sederer, M.D.

Published by: American Psychiatric Association

BP 240

Comorbidities tool added to BMJ Best Practice

The new BMJ Best Practice Comorbidities tool supports the management of the whole patient by offering guidance on the treatment of acute conditions alongside pre existing comorbidities. Select from a range of common comorbidities to instantly generate a management plan tailored to the unique needs of your patient.


The Comorbidities tool is available in selected acute topics of the BMJ Best Practice website and app. Look out for the pink C+ symbol next to the Treatment Algorithm section within topics, and click on this to automatically launch the tool.    2 C 240



You can view a list of all acute topics featuring the tool from the blue Comorbidities icon on the website home page, or from the app home screen.



Available in website and the app.

PDF user guide.

Demo video



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serialscloseupThe Health Sciences Library regularly receives new issues of the print journals in our collection.

In the table below you can see the latest print journal issues that have arrived and are now available in the library for you to access. 



  Journal Title Vol Issue Month Date Year
1 Annals of Internal Medicine 173 (01) July 7th 2020
2 Annals of Internal Medicine 172 (12) June 16th 2020
3 BMJ: British Medical Journal (Academic edition) 6 (08) August   2020
4 Choice     August   2020
5 International Journal of Birth and Parent Education 7 (04) July   2020
6 International Journal of Birth and Parent Education   Suppl July   2020
7 JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association 324 (03) July 21st 2020
8 JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association 324 (04) July 28th 2020
9 Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 81 (03) May-June   2020
10 Lancet 396 (10246) July 25th-31st 2020
11 Lancet 396 (10245) July 18th-24th 2020
12 Lancet 395 (10243) July 4th-10th 2020
13 Leukemia and Lymphoma 61 (05-06) May-June   2020
14 New England Journal of Medicine : NEJM 383 (04) July 23rd 2020
15 New England Journal of Medicine : NEJM 383 (05) July 30th 2020
16 New England Journal of Medicine : NEJM 383 (02) July 9th 2020
17 Pediatrics 145 (02) February   2020
18 Pediatrics 146 (01) July   2020

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