About the Health Sciences Library

The Health Sciences Library has two contact points:

The Health Sciences Library is located on the ground floor of Royal Melbourne Hosptal. To get there:

  • Enter the RMH building from the Grattan street enterance.
  • Go past the information desk and Zouki convenience store
  • Right before you enter the Function Centre is the main lifts, turn left into the corridor.


Health Sciences Library Access Map



The LRC is located on Level 7A of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. To get there:

  • Enter the Peter Mac via the main Grattan Street entrance
  • Go past the Super 8 Cafe and turn left into the staff elevator lobby
  • Take the elevator to Level 7
  • Exit the staff elevators heading to the staff lunch room on Level 7
  • The LRC is right outside the elevator foyer


LRC map