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 Here are the staff publications for September 2023.

Compiled by the Health Sciences Library (RMH, RWH, PMCC & Victorian Mental Health) 9th October 2023.


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  2. Bhar S, Davison TE, Schofield P, Quinn S, Ratcliffe J, Waloszek JM, Dunkerley S, Silver M, Linossier J, Koder D, Collins R, Milte R. Study protocol for ELders AT Ease (ELATE): a cluster randomised controlled trial of cognitive behaviour therapy to reduce depressive symptoms in aged care residents. BMC Geriatr 2023;23:555.
  3. Brennen R, Soh SE, Denehy L, Lin KY, Jobling T, McNally OM, Hyde S, Kruger J, Frawley H. Pelvic floor muscle training delivered via telehealth to treat urinary and/or faecal incontinence after gynaecological cancer surgery: a single cohort feasibility study. Support Care Cancer 2023;31:589.
  4. Caramia F, Speed TP, Shen H, Haupt Y, Haupt S. Establishing the Link between X-Chromosome Aberrations and TP53 Status, with Breast Cancer Patient Outcomes. Cells 2023;12.
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  6. Corrente C, Satkumaran S, Segal A, Butters C, Fernandez C, Babl FE, Orme LM, Thursky K, Haeusler GM. Evaluating the accuracy and efficacy of an electronic medical record alert to identify paediatric patients with low-risk febrile neutropenia. Int J Med Inform 2023;178:105205.
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