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 Here are the staff publications for March 2023.

Compiled by the Health Sciences Library (RMH, RWH, PMCC & Victorian Mental Health) 3rd April 2023.


  1. Ajuyah P, Mayoh C, Lau LMS, Barahona P, Wong M, Chambers H, Valdes-Mora F, Senapati A, Gifford AJ, D'Arcy C, Hansford JR, Manoharan N, Nicholls W, Williams MM, Wood PJ, Cowley MJ, Tyrrell V, Haber M, Ekert PG, Ziegler DS, Khuong-Quang DA. Histone H3-wild type diffuse midline gliomas with H3K27me3 loss are a distinct entity with exclusive EGFR or ACVR1 mutation and differential methylation of homeobox genes. Sci Rep 2023;13:3775.
  2. Alenezi WM, Fierheller CT, Serruya C, Revil T, Oros KK, Subramanian DN, Bruce J, Spiegelman D, Pugh T, Campbell IG, Mes-Masson AM, Provencher D, Foulkes WD, Haffaf ZE, Rouleau G, Bouchard L, Greenwood CMT, Ragoussis J, Tonin PN. Genetic analyses of DNA repair pathway associated genes implicate new candidate cancer predisposing genes in ancestrally defined ovarian cancer cases. Front Oncol 2023;13:1111191.
  3. Au-Yeung G, Mileshkin L, Bowtell DDL. CCNE1 Amplification as a Therapeutic Target. J Clin Oncol 2023;41:1770-3.
  4. Bai Y, Gotz C, Chincarini G, Zhao Z, Slaney C, Boath J, Furic L, Angel C, Jane SM, Phillips WA, Stacker SA, Farah CS, Darido C. YBX1 integration of oncogenic PI3K/mTOR signalling regulates the fitness of malignant epithelial cells. Nat Commun 2023;14:1591.
  5. Brown FC, Wei AH. Is BCL-xL the Achilles' heel of AEL and AMKL? Blood 2023;141:1505-6.
  6. Bucknell N, Hardcastle N, Gunewardena R, Nguyen L, Callahan J, Ball D, Selbie L, Kron T, Turgeon GA, Hofman MS, Siva S. Mid-treatment adaptive planning during thoracic radiation using 68 Ventilation-Perfusion Positron emission tomography. Clin Transl Radiat Oncol 2023;40:100599.
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  9. Castle-Kirszbaum M, Amukotuwa S, Fuller P, Goldschlager T, Gonzalvo A, Kam J, Kow CY, Shi MD, Stuckey S. MRI for Cushing Disease: A Systematic Review. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol 2023;44:311-6.
  10. Cheema P, Cho BC, Freitas H, Provencio M, Chen YM, Kim SW, Wu YL, Passaro A, Martin C, Tiseo M, Chang GC, Park K, Solomon B, Burghuber O, Laskin J, Wang Z, Lee SY, Hu Y, Vansteenkiste J, Zhang HL, Hanrahan E, Geldart T, Taylor R, Servidio L, Li J, Marinis F. A real-world study of second or later-line osimertinib in patients with EGFR T790M-positive NSCLC: the final ASTRIS data. Future Oncol 2023;19:61-75.
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  12. Cliff ERS, Reynolds G, Popat R, Teh BW, Kesselheim AS, Mohyuddin GR. Acknowledging Infection Risk in Bispecific Antibody Trials in the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma. J Clin Oncol 2023;41:1949-51.
  13. Correia ACP, Straub D, Read M, Hoefnagel SJM, Romero-Pinedo S, Abadia-Molina AC, Clemons NJ, Wang K, Calpe S, Phillips W, Krishnadath KK. Inhibition of BMP2 and BMP4 Represses Barrett's Esophagus While Enhancing the Regeneration of Squamous Epithelium in Preclinical Models. Cell Mol Gastroenterol Hepatol 2023;15:1199-217.
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  15. Deftereos I, Hitch D, Butzkueven S, Carter V, Arslan J, Fetterplace K, Fox K, Ottaway A, Pierce K, Steer B, Varghese J, Kiss N, Yeung J. Implementation of a standardised perioperative nutrition care pathway in upper gastrointestinal cancer surgery: A multisite pilot study. J Hum Nutr Diet 2023;36:479-92.
  16. Deftereos I, Yeung JMC, Arslan J, Carter VM, Isenring E, Kiss N, Group NPPS. Health service nutrition practices and associations with clinical outcomes in patients undergoing resection for upper gastrointestinal cancer: Results from the multi-centre NOURISH point prevalence study. J Hum Nutr Diet 2023;36:468-78.
  17. Delany C, McDougall R. Support for clinicians with moral loss after the pandemic. Bmj 2023;380:e072629.
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  24. Girard N, Garassino MC, Solomon B. Response to Letter to the Editor From Binghao Zhao et al. J Thorac Oncol 2023;18:e40-e1.
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  29. Khot A. Del(1p32): prime time in (ultra) high-risk myeloma. Blood 2023;141:1241-3.
  30. Klein O, Kee D, Nagrial A, Markman B, Underhill C, Michael M, Behren A, Palmer J, Tebbutt NC, Carlino MS, Cebon J. Is there a role for combined anti-PD-1/CTLA-4 checkpoint blockade in the management of advanced biliary tract cancers? Cancer 2023;129:1129-30.
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Grattan Street


Learning Resource Centre

Level 7A, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

305 Grattan Street