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Library Mobile App

The new library mobile app is the mobile gateway to your library.

With this app you can keep track of your reservations and the items you have on loan. Which you can then renew straight from the app.

The app also acts as a digital library card. No more need for carrying another piece of plastic. If you are borrowing a book, or need your library membership number, just open the app instead.

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When you first open the app you will need to follow a few steps before using it:

  • You will be asked to search for your organisation. You will need to look for "RMH Health Sciences Library"
  • Accept the user agreement
  • You will need to log into the App with your library membership number and password.
  • You will then be asked which profile you use. Here choose your hospital (Mental Health Staff select Royal Melbourne Hospital).

The app will now be all set up for you to use.


Browzine brings recent issues of scholarly journals to your tablet for browsing and reading. You can save your favourite journals, view tables of contents, and read or save articles as new issues are reseased.

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*For laptop or desktop computer access, go to

LibKey Nomad

The LibKey Nomad Browser extension puts direct PDF download links into PubMed, research platforms & journal publisher pages.

Available for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Brave and Vivaldi browsers. Not currently available for Safari.

Search LibKey Nomad or go to & follow the instructions to add this extension to your browser.

Google Scholar Library links

Switch on Library Links to find articles from paid subscription journals not otherwise available from Google Scholar.

Turn on Library links in Google Scholar:

  • From the menu, go to Settings & select Library links.
  • Search Health Sciences Library & tick RMH, RWH, or PMCC as appropriate. If you have a university affiliation you can also add these links.
  • Once selected, click the Save button.
  • When offsite, authenticate with your membership number to access paid journals on the library website
UpToDate Mobile App

Register for a free account by going to from any onsite computer in the Library, or connected to the RMH or Peter Mac hospital networks. Onsite re-registration is required every three months.