This section of the website will try to answer questions that get asked most often at the library by members. If you have a question that can be included in the FAQ (i.e. is useful for others to look at) then feel free to contact library staff.

Q. How do I access Journals and Articles?

  • Find a Journal: Browse journals alphabetically via RMH Journals, RWH Journals or PMCC Journals
  • Find an Article: To find a specific article visit the RMH, RWH or PMCC Find an Article tab, then type the article title into the search box.
  • Search through a Database: You can search the Library Databases for articles on a topic.
  • Browzine: Is an app for your phone or table for reading your favourite journals on your device. You can find out how to install and use it at the Browzine FAQ

Q. Where do I access Databases?

The library has access to numerous databases including Medline, UpToDate, Dynamed PsycInfo to name a few. Some of these are freely available, some require your library barcode to access. You can search for a specific database under the database tab on the RMH, RWH and PMCC resource pages. Or you can browse a list of all databases.

If you require assistance with your literature searches you can find tips and links to the Database search form on the Clinical Librarian page.

 Q. How can I learn how to search literature databases such as Medline, CINAHL and PsycInfo?

If you need help you can either talk to one of the library staff, who would be happy to help you with your query, or direct you to someone who can, such as the Clinical Librarians. Or you can always attend one of the classroom-based sessions run by the Library.

Q. Who is eligible for library membership?

Any eligible staff can join in person at the library. Membership is available to:

  • Permanent Staff at the Royal Melbourne, Royal Women's and Peter MacCallum Hospitals.
  • Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory staff.
  • Staff employed through Royal Melbourne or Royal Women's Nurse Bank.
  • University of Melbourne Scholarly Selective students, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year MD students.
  • University of Melbourne allied health students on clinical placement at Royal Melbourne, Royal Women's Hospitals, and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.
  • Latrobe University nursing students on clinical placement at Royal Melbourne Hospital.
  • Monash University pharmacy students on clinical placement at Royal Melbourne Hospital.
  • Midwifery students on clinical placement at Royal Women's Hospital.
  • Staff employed in positions funded by the Mental Health, Drugs and Regions Division, Department of Health.

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