blood cell background thumbnailImplementation of a whole of hospital sepis clinical pathway in a cancer hospital: impact on sepsis management, outcomes and costs

Peter MacCallum quality improvement project to identify barriers to manage sepsis devised, & to implement a hospital-wide clinical sepsis pathway. The process included establishing a multidisciplinary sepsis working party, process mapping of practices for recognition and management of sepsis, development and implementation of a clinical pathway document that supported nurse-initiated sepsis care, prompt antibiotic and fluid resuscitation. The project was evaluated using process and outcome measures for patients with sepsis were collected pre- and post-implementation. The results from 323 patients showed that time to antibiotics was halved (55 vs 110 min, p<0.05) and that patients with sepsis had lower rates of intensive care unit admission (17.1% vs 35.5%), post-sepsis length of stay (7.5 vs 9.9 days), and sepsis-related mortality (5.0% vs 16.2%) (all p<0.05).

Published in BMJ Open Quality, 2018; 7(3) 6 July  Click Here to access via: RMH, RWH, PMCC




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